Okay, I might have gotten carried away with Robin Hood, hopefully I can burn through the next nine in this list in a much shorter order. Without further ado

24. Any “real” Godzilla movie:
When I was little my grandparents would pick me up for my birthday and take my present shopping. They gave me a set amount and we would wander around Toys R Us until I decided what to spend my money on. One birthday, it was a VHS copy of King Kong v. Godzilla. I rightly assumed that if the 2 most famous movie monsters were going to fight it would be awesome. There are so many random lines from that movie that I can remember and it completely delivered on an epic model destroying brawl between the two icons. Who wins in the end? I’m not telling. This movie is awesome and you should go watch it.

Side note: the most recent Godzilla movie is amazing. I watched it out of obligation to rubber suit Godzilla and was blown away by it. Watching that movie made me have faith in Gareth Edwards to make Rogue One, which I still have not seen.

23. Transformers: the Movie, the real movie: I doubt that this movie will have the same traumatic effect on my children that it did on me, since I didn’t realize that Optimus Prime was going to die in the first 20 minutes after one of the greatest heroic charges in movie history, but this movie is great. It isn’t a movie small kids should watch because of the high body count (RIP Ironhide), but when the boys get to the right age, I can’t wait to see what they think of it. And “the Touch” by Stan Bush? That song could make me get so pumped up I would run through a brick wall. 

22. Every time the Rohirrim charge in LOTR: speaking of epic charges, my 2 favorite scenes in any LOTR movie are the charges of the Rohirrim at the Battle of Helm’s Deep and the Battle of the Pellinor Fields(I just like saying those battles full names). I still get giddy when Eomer summons his men and shouts “Rohirrim. TO THE KING!” (More Tolkien later in the countdown), and now I’m going to take a break from writing and go watch that.

21. (Dr. Grant stands up in shock): Jurassic Park: I saw this movie in the theatres, I couldn’t believe they had real dinosaurs and I can’t wait for my boys to see it. They’ve seen Lego Jurassic World and they like the anime Dinosaur King but I don’t think anything will prepare them for the T-Rex announcing his presence with authority or velociraptors doing anything menacing. I don’t wish they were older, but I do wish I could watch this with them right now.

20. Super Friends: the anti-Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Something I have watched with them is Challenge of the Super-friends. We all like it. What’s not to like? 11 of the biggest Justice Leaguers(but yet only 1 woman and limited diversity in general, shame on you Time-Warner) plus three guys they made up to be PC against a whole mess of DC villains that would never work together in real life. The plots never make any sense and the League somehow is always a step ahead of the Legion of Doom, but it’s so much goofy fun. The boys and I have binge watched this (Josie could care less) and will do so again.

19. Spider-man v. Green Goblin on the Bridge: this is my favorite scene in any Spiderman movie until Tom Holland changes my mind (which I believe could happen) and it embodies everything that makes Spidey such a great hero. He is stretched to his limits, holding onto a car full of kids and Mary Jane and he is just getting creamed, but he perseveres and the New York crowd, who you aren’t totally sure were rooting for Spider-man (thanks J. Jonah Jameson) come to his defense and start to throw stuff at the Goblin. He inspires them to unite for the common good. Maybe this resonates with me because it’s New York and it came out the summer after 9/11. I would have been entering my senior year of college. I liked the idea of a unified country fighting against evil, whether real or imagined.

18. “Don’t cross the streams”: Ghostbusters makes me happy. This film is the first entry on the list that I was introduced to courtesy of HBO and my parents’ VCR. Of all the moments on this list, it is the one that I am the most curious about what the kids will think. Too scary? Didn’t get the jokes? Oh well, part of parenting is just trying a whole bunch of things and seeing what works.

17. “Would you say I have a plethora?”: Other than the Adventures of Robin Hood, this would be the movie that I would guess the fewest readers have seen. It’s a comedy western starring Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Steve Martin. They are silent movie stars mistakenly hired to protect a real Mexican village from El Guapo, his lieutenant Jefe and their fifty men. It’s basically 7 Samurai or the Magnificent 7 but much funnier. The quote at the beginning is from an exchange between El Guapo and Jefe that goes from party planning to the seduction methods of Mexican bandit chiefs and includes Jefe performing a little armchair psychology on his boss. My siblings and I love this movie and can recite it from memory. I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad, but it’s hilarious.

16. “You can’t really dust for vomit.” Fun fact: I have played the drums since I was 12. Am I good? Good enough. Have I been in bands that have recorded and gone on tour? Yes. Are they anything like Spinal Tap? As much as a praise and worship band can be, yes. This movie nails the dynamics of working in a band to a painful degree. The movie gets so much right that different bands keep taking credit for being the sole inspiration only for Christopher Guest and co. to explain to them that it was an amalgamation of many different bands. Almost the entire movie is a funny quote, some things make you laugh out loud, and some make you do one of those guilty chuckles, like your embarrassed you’re laughing at something (think Bill Murray’s response to Jason Schwartzman’s OR scrubs joke in Rushmore and you’ve got it). Also, “Majesty of Rock” might be one of my favorite real songs of all time and it’s all just a big joke. Do I think the kids will like it? I hope so, they are going to be stuck with it.

15. Firefly class transport Serenity: closing out this section of the list is a franchise that I love. I will admit that I never watched the show when it was on television or go see the movie in theatres. I actually bought the movie first, watched it, liked it enough but didn’t really understand the significance of anything going on between the characters but still decided to buy the series for 5 dollars. Then I binge watched it, and gave it to my mom and brother to do the same. Now the three of us lament the fact that there will probably never be any more Firefly. I love the characters, and while I’m happy for Kaylee and the Doc, it breaks my heart every time Wash doesn’t make it and I’m driven insane by the hookup between Mal and Inara that never happens. I wish the show had lasted 100 episodes and allowed Joss to tell a complete story with these characters and this universe. I can’t wait to watch this with my kids and see which character they identify with. My opinion? Josie will be River. Owen, well my first thought was Jayne, but I’m not sure if that is good or bad. So I would say he is more of a Wash and Liam would be Book, because man does he love trying to convince the others to listen to his advice.

Hopefully Part III will be along shortly



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