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On this weeks episode Landon, Jon and Matt discuss boss fights! We chat about our favorite and least favorite boss fights over the years of gaming. We also discuss if modern gaming even NEEDS boss battles anymore. What are your favorite and least favorite bosses? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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The new PS4Pro and PS4 Slim have been revealed but is anyone even interested? We break down what was announced and if we want to get one or not! You may be surprised.

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No Man's Sky was unfortunately delayed, so in turn we speculate on what that means for the game. Could they be adding in last minute additions? Was the game just not living up to the hype? We break down our theories, but what are yours!? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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E3 is upon us! It's that wonderful time of the year, the Christmas for gamers, E3. On this episode we break down everything that was announced at EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony and the first half of Nintendo's E3 showings! What was your favorite announcement, most surprising showcase and most disappointing moment? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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Some people call it ‘Flow State’ and some people call it ‘Auto-Piloting’. This is when your reflexes just take over and you get into a groove. What are some of those gaming experiences you’ve had and do you actively seek them out? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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We've all done it. Some have even thrown or broken a controller while doing it. It's called rage quitting. When's the last time you rage quit? The gang tells stories of the few times we've rage quit. Let us know your stories in the comments below!

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Landon and Seth have both experienced almost all of the VR out on the market today. They explain the differences between all of them and why you should be very, very excited for virtual reality no matter your budget!

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On today's episode the guys discuss everything related to the Sonic video game series. What made them special, what made them drift from popularity and discuss how to make Sonic great again. What is your favorite Sonic game and how would you make the franchise great again? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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What We're Playing This Week: Landon: Uncharted 4 Jon: Kerbal Space Program Matt: Rocket League Gaming Features That All Games Should Have: On today's episode the guys chat about...

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On today's episode the guys chat about their gaming backlog. How did we get such a backlog and how do we manage it? We're really curious about you, the listener, and how you manage your backlog as well. Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On todays episode the guys discuss how to save Microsoft! Micosoft's XBOX One is selling exceptionally well, but is still being outsold by Sony's PS4. How can we help bridge that gap? The guys discuss XBOX One's launch, where they are currently and what they can do in the near future. How would you save them? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On todays episode the guys discuss how to save Sony! They may not be in a financial point that needs saving but there are still plenty of ways they can improve, so today the guys break it all down. They may or may not get into a few arguments along the way. How would you save them? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On todays episode the guys discuss how to save Nintendo! It’s well known that Nintendo is no longer doing as well as they have in the past and many people are expecting them to go the way of Sega. Collectively we want to see them succeed, so here are our ideas of how to save Nintendo! How would you save them? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On today's episode we discuss Valve and their business of Steam. We will talk about how it all started and why the internet always considers them "Good Guy Steam." Does Steam deserve that good will or should we re-evaluate how we feel about Steam? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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The Division, aka "Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online action-RPG set in an immersive & realistic urban open world." has all the hype around in...

0 739 Jon and Seth wanted to be pirates when they grew up! Now that one of them is older, will their dreams come true? Blackwake Kickstarter...

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On today's episode we discuss the change in gaming coverage over the past 20+ years. It used to be normal to walk into a store and not know a ton about the video game you will be picking up, and now you know more than you'd probably want in many ways. What are the pros and cons, and what games do you want to keep a little mystery?

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On today's episode we play Hollywood casting agents! We cast our perfect blockbuster, Hollywood version of The Legend of Zelda. We break down our picks for story, director and actors for all major roles. Do we take it seriously? Listen to find out. We want to know who you would cast and if we were right or wrong in our chosing! Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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Today the guys sit down to talk about why the Nintendo Entertainment System was so special to us and everyone else as well as tell the story of how it saved the video game industry in the west. What is your favorite NES memory? Let us know in the comments or on our twitter @The_SaveState.

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Matt walks Jon and Landon through his experience with the latest game in beta: Tom Clancy's The Division. Is it more promising than Destiny? Can it be just as devastating as Day-Z?

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Hey guys! There is a new game coming out with bears! And stuff. But bears! Seriously though there is a new indie game titled Thunderdome coming out where you play as flying bears wielding chainsaws and murder everything. You know you want it. Tweet @PunchesBears and tell them you saw it here!

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What are the games you feel deserve a reboot? These can be games that have been either dead for decades or have been under utilized like Tomb Raider that recently got a reboot and has come to critical success! The guys break down their Top 5 each! Let us know what we left out and what your top 5 is. Let us know in the comments or on our twitter @The_SaveState.

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Fans are petitioning to have Danny Devito voice Detective Pikachu,a new game on Nintendo ’s 3DS, for the North American release! This begs the question - if not him, then who? Jon and Landon break down who they think would be a good American voice for Detective Pikachu!

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According to the latest from the Game Developers Conference, the largest annual gathering of professional video game developers, only about 5% of developers are working on a WiiU titles with only 3% bringing a game to the Nintendo 3DS. What is even more troubling is the fact that only 1% are working on an NX title. What does this all mean?

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What are the games and gaming experiences that you’ve had WITHIN the game? These can be self-imposed challenges (unintentional emergent gameplay) or these can be games like tag or racing within games. We break down some of our experiences in today’s episode!