Top 5 Games that need reboots! – Random Encounter #017

What We’re Playing This Week:
Landon: StarWhal, Towerfall Ascension
Jon: The Witness, EVE Online
Matt: The Witness

News of the Week:
EA Not Attending E3 2016, Kojima and Del Toro to host at DICE Summit, GameInformer Says Season Passes are a Scam

Top 5 Games The Need Reboots:
What are the games you feel deserve a reboot? These can be games that have been either dead for decades or have been under utilized like Tomb Raider that recently got a reboot and has come to critical success! The guys break down their Top 5 each! Let us know what we left out and what your top 5 is. Let us know in the comments or on our twitter @The_SaveState.


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