The Indoorsmen #017 – Global Worming

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After plummeting towards Ierus for the second time our adventurers reunite and take a much needed rest. Did they stay in one place too long? Find out!

Thanks to for providing us with audio equipment to make this production possible. ( twitter | facebook )

And thanks to Iron Tusk Miniatures Painting for providing us with some truly epic miniatures. Check out his stuff, and commission him to paint minis for your group! ( twitter | facebook )


“Epic” BenSound.

“War Hammer” Purple Planet Music.
“Intimidation” Purple Planet Music.

The following tracks are from Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
“Suonatore di Liuto”
“Volatile Reaction”
“Lusus Naturae”
“Dragon and Toast”
“Fallen Angels”
“Avengin (B)”



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