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Landon and Seth have both experienced almost all of the VR out on the market today. They explain the differences between all of them and why you should be very, very excited for virtual reality no matter your budget!

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On todays episode the guys discuss VR is all of it's forms currently on the market. We've had a chance to experience Google Cardboard, Gear VR and the HTC Vive. How do each of these compare, and what do we see for the future of gaming? What has your experience in VR been like? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On today's episode we discuss the change in gaming coverage over the past 20+ years. It used to be normal to walk into a store and not know a ton about the video game you will be picking up, and now you know more than you'd probably want in many ways. What are the pros and cons, and what games do you want to keep a little mystery?

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We've got our hands on the new Kylo Ren edition of Google Cardboard VR that came out along side Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here we will show off how it works, and why this little piece of cardboard is so darn cool!

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What We're Playing This Week Landon: Tomb Raider, Hyrule Edition New 3DS XL Jon: Halo 5 Matt: Project Cars News of the Week Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros WiiU ,...

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Landon and Seth break down all of the major announcements from Sony at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show. Everything from new dual shock 4 controller colors, new faceplates for the PS4 and even a price drop in Japan! Danganronpa and Gravity Rush are coming to PS4 as well. What were you most excited about that was announced?

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The VR arms race is heating up, but one company may have just resorted to the nuclear option.

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https://youtu.be/AkshmIguaSY Is 2015 going to be the year of VR? Sony, Valve/HTC, and Oculus/Facebook are all pushing hard for VR coming out this and next...