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What We're Playing This Week: Landon: Pokemon TCG Jon: WoW: Legion Bonita: WoW: Legion How to get into tabletop gaming: On today's episode we discuss how each of us got into tabletop...

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Hype in the video game world is a very real thing. We've all fallen prey to it a time or two, so how do we deal with it? We break down some of the games that we were let down by and some of the games that somehow lived up to the hype. What are your stories? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On today's episode the guys discuss everything related to the Sonic video game series. What made them special, what made them drift from popularity and discuss how to make Sonic great again. What is your favorite Sonic game and how would you make the franchise great again? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On todays episode the guys discuss how to save Nintendo! It’s well known that Nintendo is no longer doing as well as they have in the past and many people are expecting them to go the way of Sega. Collectively we want to see them succeed, so here are our ideas of how to save Nintendo! How would you save them? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On today's episode we discuss Valve and their business of Steam. We will talk about how it all started and why the internet always considers them "Good Guy Steam." Does Steam deserve that good will or should we re-evaluate how we feel about Steam? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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On todays episode Jon and Landon chat about why they podcast. They break down their favorite shows, inspirations and methods for recording video and audio podcasting. From pointers, tips and lessons they’ve learned to just plain dumb shit that’s happened over the years. What podcasts do you listen to, and do you podcast? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.

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Fans are petitioning to have Danny Devito voice Detective Pikachu,a new game on Nintendo ’s 3DS, for the North American release! This begs the question - if not him, then who? Jon and Landon break down who they think would be a good American voice for Detective Pikachu!

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What are the games and gaming experiences that you’ve had WITHIN the game? These can be self-imposed challenges (unintentional emergent gameplay) or these can be games like tag or racing within games. We break down some of our experiences in today’s episode!

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Landon sucks and decided to accidentally delete the actual Episode 8, so instead we're uploading a special episode starring his wife, Kaye! They discuss growing up playing games, weird gaming associations like Bone Thugs N' Harmony and Diablo, and of course Pokemon. So. Much. Pokemon. Reach out to us on our twitter @The_SaveState.

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We all have different responsibilities in life; some of us are married, have kids, work full time or whatever is the case, but we all have to find time to game. In this episode we break down how we each find time to get away for our hobbies, but we want to know how you find time too. Let us know in the comments or on our twitter @The_SaveState.

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We discuss everything that was announced at Sony's press conference at this years Paris Games Week. Is this enough to get people excited this holiday and through the new year?

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Can teenagers with attitude defeat a lightning mouse? In this all new episode of Character Battle we pit Pikachu up against The Power Rangers! Who will win? You decide in the comments. If there is any characters you would like to see duel it out, let us know and you just might make it on the show!