Once Upon A Time

Remember Turok: Dinosaur Hunter? For me it was one of the first games I played that I was truly excited about before I even played it. The commercial looked incredible (if you were 12), and you got to be a dinosaur hunter. In 3D.

Turok released in March 1997, two months before the release of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, which was the first follow-up to the massively successful and memorable Jurassic Park. Basically, nobody had yet figured out that Jurassic Park, as a series, was going to suck, and there was still some lingering dinosaur fever. However, it had been long enough since the release of Jurassic Park that we felt OK ignoring the conservationist message of that film and do our best to re-extinct the bastards.

Dinosaur movies and games went out of style with the Spice Girls and En Vogue.

Look Behind You

While you’ve been busy watching Bob Ross reruns on YouTube, game developers have been hard at work bringing back the gentle giants we knew, loved, and feared in the 90’s. In fact, a lot of developers have been doing this. Like, really a lot.

ARK: Survival Evolved

A Steam Early-Access game that is based around you waking up naked on a beach. You then have to stay alive by taming dinosaurs. Consider me sold. Game footage

No Man’s Sky

This open-world never-ending exploration-simulation seems to have all sorts of animals involved because, as the developers have said, the game dynamically generates everything. That said, I think the dinosaur-o-meter has been cranked up a bit compared to other settings. Game footage

Horizon Zero Dawn

Out of this whole group, this game has me the most excited because of the premise. The entire trailer is worth a watch, but the combat itself is compelling enough reason for me to buy the game, let alone the story. Also, these are mecha-dinos, so that’s a thing. Game trailer

Robinson: The Journey

This game seems explicitly developed to demonstrate VR, so we’re not sure if it’s going to be fantastic or not, but it does have a cute little floating helper-orb with a blue light, a British accent, and some plucky humor in it. Game footage – no wait, that’s not the right one. Actual game footage

Dino D-Day

Look, I know this game isn’t new, but I really have nothing more to say except, “go buy it.” Game trailer

Dinosaurs are Cool

Yeah, we had the Zombie-Culture Apocalypse of 2010 that’s only now starting to fizzle, so this whole dinosaur schtick may be a fad, but I contend that dinosaurs are cooler than Zombies and this trend, while maybe over saturating the market just a bit, is something we need.

Please, world, keep making more dinosaur games.



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