Han Solo VS Malcolm Reynolds – Character Battles

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Who would win in a fight between two of the most recognizable pilots in the galaxy? In this all new episode of Character Battle we pit Han Solo up against Malcolm Reynolds! Who will win? You decide in the comments. If there is any characters you would like to see duel it out, let us know and you just might make it on the show!


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  1. Mall all the way. He has shown that he will kill people for getting in his way (like in episode 1 he shoots that guy in the head, and again episode 2 he asks the dude what he wants to do…and kicks him into Serenity’s engines…. Then he asks again and the other guy is readily available). Mal is just… darker. Not that Han isn’t badass, but Mal comes from a history of warfare. I a, about done, but MAL.

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