Gaming With Your Significant Other – Random Encounter #037

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What We’re Playing This Week:
Landon: Final Fantasy XIV
Jon: Kerbal Space Program
Blake: Overwatch

Gaming With Your Significant Other:
How do you game with your significant other? Do you think it is necessary? On this episode we discuss how and why we game with our significant other! Do Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.


  1. So, in my opinion, the difference between having your SO watch a twitch stream and having them watch you actually play a game is huge. Firstly, I have exactly zero investment to the person playing on Twitch. Why do I care what they’re doing? Whereas, if my SO is playing, I care. It’s a person I care about and I’m interested in what they’re doing. Secondly, watching your SO plays opens up a channel for discussion. You can show them the things that you love the most, they can ask you questions about things that piqued their interest. There is a dialogue that isn’t there in a twitch stream. One is a much more personal experience than the other.

    Also, Jon: what the f**k is wrong with Blink 182!?

    Yay Sims!!!!! 😀

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