Flow State or Auto-Piloting in Video Games – Random Encounter #031

What We’re Playing This Week:
Landon: NOT TMNT Mutants in Manhattan
Jon: F1 2014
Matt: Guns if Icarus

Flow State or Auto-Piloting in Video Games:
Some people call it ‘Flow State’ and some people call it ‘Auto-Piloting’. This is when your reflexes just take over and you get into a groove. What are some of those gaming experiences you’ve had and do you actively seek them out? Let us know on Twitter @The_SaveState.


  1. I have experienced the auto-piloted flow state playing FPS like Matt. I used to play Team Fortress 2 so much that I would notice I could rocket jump, shoot, land on someone and melee all in 1 motion to the point where it was just reaction. Sometimes I wouldn’t even realize how awesome it because I was focused on the map objective over each kill.

  2. Also, Matt saying that he would auto-pilot while healing in dungeons… that explains a LOT about his quality of heals. I was tank during most of that and I wore out a keyboard self-healing. =P

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