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Okay, I might have gotten carried away with Robin Hood, hopefully I can burn through the next nine in this list in a much...

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Spoiler Warning: I have only seen the trailers for Rogue One, but having been a Star Wars fan since I was born, I can...

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I want you all to think I’m really cool and intellectual so I was going to start off this second, much more topical review...
The Uplift Saga

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I have read science fiction pretty much my entire life.  From Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park to the Asimov universe, there's something special about the...

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Seveneves is a very involved, deep book about humanity through crisis. It's not a particularly easy book to read, but if you read Asimov or Tolkein you might find a new favorite.

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After "Ready Player One" many people were excited for Ernie Cline's newest book, "Armada." After reading the book we have some slight misgivings about it.