About Us

The SaveState is a group of people dedicated to nerd-culture. We write, produce, and discuss topics ranging from comic books to video games and everything in between.

The SaveState was started in 2014 with the core group of Landon, Ben, Garrick and Seth and has since grown to include Derek, Jon, Ryan and Barclay. We love working with other people too, so if you want to do a video, write an article, or just hang out with us, let’s talk.

We produce dozens of videos a month from sit-down discussions to play-throughs to reviews. We are currently in the process of ramping up several more projects in different formats.

The long-term vision of The SaveState is simply to cultivate and encourage interaction and discussion between like-minded “nerds.” We produce videos discussing topics and ask for your input. We do Let’s Plays of indie games to encourage you to try them. We make one-off videos of us being ridiculous so you will like us. We write articles to get you thinking about a topic.

Most of all, we simply hope to share the things we love with people who will be entertained.

See something we missed? Let us know.

Nerds, out.